2.3 Payment Verification

You can verify the payment status of each transaction on callback. This code (or similar) Demonstrates how.

""//assigned iPay Vendor ID... hard code it here.
these values below are picked from the incoming URL and assigned to variables that we
will use in our security check URL
$val1 $_GET["id"];
$val2 $_GET["ivm"];
$val3 $_GET["qwh"];
$val4 $_GET["afd"];
$val5 $_GET["poi"];
$val6 $_GET["uyt"];
$val7 $_GET["ifd"];

$ipnurl "https://www.ipayafrica.com/ipn/?vendor=".$val."&id=".$val1."&ivm=".
$fp fopen($ipnurl"rb");
$status stream_get_contents($fp, -1, -1);
//the value of the parameter “vendor”, in the url being opened above, is your iPay assigned
Vendor ID.
//this is the correct iPay status code corresponding to this transaction.
//Use it to validate your incoming transaction(not the one supplied in the incoming url)

//continue your shopping cart update routine code here below....
//then redirect to to the customer notification page here...

This IPN solution can be implemented in other web application development languages as well

The variables described above are returned by IPay on callback to the Callback url(cbk) supplied,
they are described in Section 2.4 The variables that iPay returns