Developers API introduction

The IPay Integration is simple and seamless. There are two types of intergrations:-

IntegrationProcess Flow(English)API Calls(Geeklish)
1.1 Web Based Integrations

  • Customer checks out from merchant website/App/Desktop App and selects the iPay as the preferred payment method.
  • Customer is redirected to the iPay payment gateway where they will be presented with an interface containing the various payment channels.
  • The customer selects mode of payment, follows the instructions and pays.
  • If the transaction has successfully been processed and they press the [Confirm Payment] button, IPay will redirect to the merchant provided Callback URL with the respective statuses for the Processed Transaction.

  • Section 1.1 Parameters required for successful payment integration
  • Section 1.2 Making Payment Request and How to generate the hash parameter(defined in section 1.1) which signs the posted data.
  • Section 2.1 Expected responses from callback
  • Section 2.4 The values that iPay returns explained
  • Section 2.3 Verifying the payment statuses with an IPN check
Rest API Calls

If you intend to use the iPay REST API to process card transactions, then you will have to certify that your system is PCI-DSS compliant. If you are not PCI-DSS compliant and still intend to process card transactions, then we would encourage you to use our Web-based API.

You can still use our REST API to process mobile money, mobile banking and mVisa/Masterpass (QR Code acquiring) channels.

  • Customer checks out from merchant App/website/Desktop App site and selects the iPay as the preferred payment method.
  • Customer is redirected to a custom page/view which is designed by you
  • Customer pays with the chosen payment option and the application and customer get relevant feedback responses
  • Section 1.2 The REST API initiator request Call
  • Section 1.3 The initiator request Response, with parameters for use in transact calls
  • Section 1.4  Mobile Money transact Call and Responses(processing mobile money transactions)
  • Section 1.5  Credit Card transact Call and Responses(processing Credit card transactions)

Change LogNEW

  • Update on section 1.4.1 Mobile money transact call and responses - 2016-10-12
  • Update on section 1.1 Added Autopay parameter - 2016-11-29
  • Added the Offline POS Integration - 2018-08-13