Developers API introduction

The IPay Integration is simple and seamless. There are two types of intergrations:-

IntegrationProcess Flow(English)API Calls(Geeklish)
1.1 Web Based Integrations

  • Customer checks out from merchant website/App/Desktop App and selects the iPay as the preferred payment method.
  • Customer is redirected to the iPay payment gateway where they will be presented with an interface containing the various payment channels.
  • The customer selects mode of payment, follows the instructions and pays.
  • If the transaction has successfully been processed and they press the [Confirm Payment] button, IPay will redirect to the merchant provided Callback URL with the respective statuses for the Processed Transaction.

  • Section 1.1 Parameters required for successful payment integration
  • Section 1.2 Making Payment Request and How to generate the hash parameter(defined in section 1.1) which signs the posted data.
  • Section 2.1 Expected responses from callback
  • Section 2.4 The values that iPay returns explained
  • Section 2.3 Verifying the payment statuses with an IPN check
Rest API Calls
  • Customer checks out from merchant App/website/Desktop App site and selects the iPay as the preferred payment method.
  • Customer is redirected to a custom page/view which is designed by you
  • Customer pays with the chosen payment option and the application and customer get relevant feedback responses
  •   Section 1.2 The REST API initiator request Call
  •   Section 1.3 The initiator request Response, with parameters for use in transact calls
  • Section 1.4  Mobile Money transact Call and Responses(processing mobile money transactions)
  • Section 1.5  Credit Card transact Call and Responses(processing Credit card transactions)

Change LogNEW

  • Update on section 1.4.1 Mobile money transact call and responses - 2016-10-12
  • Update on section 1.1 Added Autopay parameter - 2016-11-29